Make a regression testing policy with quality
control workflow in your project
it will embrace product quality.

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Exemplary CAT Agile inclined to

Ease of Usage
Progress Tracking

Quality Control

  • Explicitly ensures quality of each issue or bug or request type by executing all cases associated with it before marking it as done.
  • Increases trust of client by enforcing stern quality
    check before release.
  • Deliver Quality product with quick regression.
  • Strict in-place workflow to restrict incomplete testing of any issue/bug/ and improve quality.

Ease Of Usage

  • Execution of test cases can be done by a tester or developer or any resource. As issues are clearly associated with list of test cases it makes it easy for anyone to execute it.
  • Execution of test cases, progress tracking and adding new test cases can be done in one single place by toggling between edit and view mode.
  • Adaptive headers and customizable result status makes it easy to use.

Congeniality With Agile

  • CAT Agile supports quick regression for partial products released from sprints there by enforcing more quality.
  • In Agile environment functionalities and product features are rapidly changing, retesting would be nightmare but CAT Agile will help you for regression of your product and maintaining quality.
  • Test cases can be modified on the fly based on requirement changes which is quite normal in Agile methodology.

Test Case Tracking

  • Test case history view assist you to track each test case execution at user level and issue level.
  • Information of various status flow for a particular test case can be viewed in history.
  • History information cannot be modified externally which enforces strong security.