My Timeline at SHIFT India

Start of the Office Day

Every morning at 9:00am SHIFT India office time begins. My task starts by checking the schedule for the day. Currently I am working on development of our in-house product, a software test supporting tool called "CAT" (Computer Aided Test). Quarterly, we release CAT with newly added features.


Implementation of Task

Most of the time we have meetings with Japan team members, to get requirement specification of new features. Post meeting, we plan a schedule and try to estimate according to given specifications. Every development we get more challenging tasks. All Shiftians, complete work in given time frames. My per-release responsibility is to estimate and develop assigned specification and after development complete then fix bugs.


Lunch Break

In lunch break, we all Shift India members enjoy meal together, then go for walk around or chit chat at cafeteria.


Team Meeting and Discussions

Once in a week we have weekly meeting to discuss what is happening in an organization, get status report and there is small knowledge sharing session. We communicate with development team members of India and Japan when detailed information is required.

Cafe Coffee Day vending machine, I enjoy coffee together with team members and share some thoughts, which is refreshing.


Calling Off the Day

I really enjoy working with my colleagues with the value of hard work, ownership, and self-sustainability. I gain the ability to get the most out of limited resources and flexibility everyday.